Mister Softee is truly the Very Best soft serve on the Shore! 

We want our local family business to make you feel like you are a part of our family!

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“I was raised on ice cream. It’s all I knew. It’s a beautiful thing to bring this to the shore and share it with others. The ice cream man is a pure thing. I love sharing this.”

— Anthony Sessa, Owner of Mister Softee Eastern Shore MD

Thank you to our customers for their support of our family business throughout the pandemic. We remain committed to safety.

Please watch our safety video or email us questions as we navigate this together. 

Our priority at Mister Softee Eastern Shore MD is the safety of our customers

We follow CDC guidelines and keep strict standards

If you’re a high-risk individual, we want you and your family to have the most comfortable and safe experience. Reach out if you have special accommodations or questions! Safe safe and healthy!

We’re grateful for masks, vaccines, and science bringing us back to normal again. We love YOUR smile!

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